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Surprised Birthday Party for Hubby!!

This year i planned to celebrate with friends pulak. Saja invite rakan-rakan blogger & alhamdulillah masing2 free masa 15 Dec aritu. Semua yang aku planned (lokasi celebration, kek, guest) semuanya diluar pengetahuan hubby. Kononnya nak buat surprisela...alhamdulillah it turns out well & yang penting hubby pon happy..InsyaAllah acara besday ni akan diadakan sebagai gathering wajib kami rakan2 blogger, maknanya setiap bulan kami kena celebrate sebab masing2 bulan lain2 kecuali Sepul & Maksu sharing bulan March..hahaha..

Okey, we decide to celebrate at Souled Out Bar & Cafe yg terletak di Desa Sri Hartamas. Kami tak penah pegi lagi kt sini. Nampak cam happening je tempat ni & kebetulan cousin Nurman keje kat Souled Out ni so Lily tolong bookedkan meja untuk kami. Crowd kat sini sangat ramai okey!! better to reserve seat first before you come. Don't forget to arrive ON TIME otherwise they will let go your sits & you have to wait again...

me with Lily & Nyla

KakLeez & SBC

Nyla yang makin comel!!!

Soursop Guava- QIS (RM8)

F&N Strawberry -LILY (RM6)

besday boy

Cantonese Fried Noodles -SONG (RM14)

Fried Beef Noodle -NURMAN (RM14)

Dragonfly -HUBBY (RM13)

Rocket Fuel- (RM13)

Chicken Cordon BLURR -HUBBY (RM23)

Spaghetti Carbonara -KAKLEEZ (RM20)

Mineral water -(RM4)

Roast Beef Baguette- SEPUL (RM18)

Vienna Iced Coffee -(RM15)

Pan Seared Grouper -QIS (RM25)

Tandoori Chicken Special -LILY (RM22)

Yeay!!!cupcakes arrived!!!time to sing happy birthday song!

ordered especially for him

likes it huh??

big kisss!!

big boobsss

sexy in bikini...

wish to have babies one day..InsyaALLAH..


18sxxx..strictly for adults only!!!(married je ok!!=p)

wish to own a house

big booties

wish to have a new car!!

wish to travel far-far away!!

just for you....

get this cuppies from Maz's Baking or you contact her at 012-8223007

besday present's from friends to besday boy!!terkejut jugak kami but anyway thanks so so much guys for celebrating with us!!really appreciate it!

Thanks u olls!!!you guys rocksss!!

pssttt: not to forget special thanks to Basheer for meal discount!!!hehehe


Yan said... nya cuppies tu.. Seksi..

che'Burn@che'Qis said...

hehehe...nnti bolelah kak yan order ngan maz utk hubby akak!

Wenni Donna said...

All those food pics made me quite hungry. And some great cupcakes design as well. I’ll be celebrating my birthday at one of the nearby event locations this weekend. I’ve been putting together the menu for the party and cupcakes are a must for me. Will borrow some of your ideas for that.

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