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short trip but FUN

Salam 1Malaysia..

hye guys!..Since Wifey is quite busy wit her work lately, n got no time to update blog...haha..but for now, I'm gonna tell you 'bout our short trip to up North early this year..its actually a 2D 1N trip to our 'Blogger fren-En Sepul' wedding in Kangar..

Little that I know that Song & KakLeez had actually planned to go to Hadyai on our first day, and then I was like.."Whattt????..I thought we're just goin to Padang Besar, Kangar & Penang.."..suddenly, they were smilling caused by the temptation to cross border..ohhh, 'tanduk' sudah keluar~..haha..

Next..particulars of our trip:-

Day 1
5am - We all on our way to Bukit Kayu Hitam..Destination=HAT YAI!!!..KakLeez drove her 'BabyM', Wifey as co-Driver navigating the highway although she's freaking out coz not sure was it a good idea to follow us to go Hat Yai..While the guys have to squeeze in the back seats as MakSu wanted to sleep as a 'Sleeping Beauty'..=)

11am-12pm - Arrived @ Border..started to see the corruption of Thais Immigration..found seriously cheap tickets to Had Yai by mini van..45mins later, Yahooooooo!!!Our very first time to Hat Yai!!!..(kek sini mu bole kecek klate..demo pahe deh..hahahaha)

Check-in hotel somewhere in the middle of town..called 'Hotel Indra'..having lunch @ Hamid Restaurant which is Muslim Food of course..then, we straight to shopping @ Had Yai Baazar (correct me if Im wrong coz not really sure what is f the name of that baazar..)...

Saw a midget at Baazar...Wifey and KakLeez bought so many things until we (the guys) practically had to carry for the shopping bags for them..*sigh..haha..MakSu and KakLeez went for oil body massage...After that, we round again in the town of Hat Yai for sourvenir for the Bride&Groom and of course, for Lily..

Day 2
Early in the morning we checked out from hotel..stopby at paddy field to get photoshoot otw to Kangar.Thereafter,we went straight to En Sepul'wedding @ kangar (had a really fun time there..)..

to be continued...


sepul said...

fuhh power la... terer la abang edit gambo. satu lagi terer jugak ye hang spiking london

che'Burn@che'Qis said...

haha..xsia-sia dwnload photoscape..saje test power nengok camne hasilnya..ok ahh..puas ati..huhu

den bukan apo..test market jo.huhu..ekau bilo lak nk skiping london kek blog tu ha..??

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